Due to the current interest rate environment, it is existential to identify growth areas and to choose the right topics to work on. Therefore, we supported our clients at an early stage in developing strategies to use growth potentials within the corporate client business and to exploit the potential of private banking clients. In order to implement this strategy, it is essential to optimize sales structures and to realize a multichannel approach. This includes, apart from using the customer service center, also a perfect interconnection of the sales channels.

Practical know-how and the necessary down-to-earth approach ensure the feasibility of the strategies developed together with our clients.


Strong giro account for more income — how to earn money with Payment. With our new and proven consulting approach regarding the topic Payment we offer a holistic view on this subject as well as a precise and operational implementation in savings banks. We guarantee sustainable business and make a significant increase in earnings possible. In addition, we reduce the complexity of this topic and focus on measures relevant for your institute in order to sustainably expand revenues.

We are looking forward to exchanging our thoughts and ideas with you on this strategically relevant topic.

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Apart from the fact that clients nowadays have increased demands on the digital performance of financial service providers, digitalisation allows using sales opportunities and at the same time increase efficiency in the connected downstream processes. The main consulting focus of our latest projects has been among others the formulation of an online strategy for the corporate client business, the efficient transition and support of private customers in medial channels, the optimisation of sales structures and processes, the digitalisation of back-office processes and the development of a medial sales controlling. If needed, we herein deployed our self-developed IT solutions.

Our detailed insight into banking processes, the accurate valuation of IT-technical borders as well as the regulatory possibilities allow our clients a quick digital transformation.


Concepts can only unfold their full potential, when being realised. With our topics efficiency, growth, payment, digitalisation and restructuring we demonstrably fulfil this demand.

Our implementation support ranges from operative sparring through implementation management up to ... taking over organ status. Our field-tested instruments ensure the necessary sustainability.

One essential element is change, which, apart from adjusting given structures and processes, especially supports the cultural change. Our project approach as well as our analysis tools enable us to design a change architecture right from the beginning of the project and include especially the management culture, the involvement of staff and the necessary human resource development.